Hillyer Art Space
OCTOBER 4-26, 2013
July Artists
October First Friday Opening
Artists: Lauren Frances Moore Evans, Laura Litten and Site95

October 4, 2013 • Friday
6-9 p.m.
Admission: $5 suggested donation

In October, Hillyer presents mix media works by Lauren Frances Moore Evans, scroll paintings by Laura Litten and photographic installation by Site95.

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July Exhibitions Reviewed on The Washington Post:
“Stephanie J. Williams & Rofi”

At Hillyer Art Space, Stephanie J. Williams renders fleshly shapes into surreal paintings and sculptures, while the one-named Rofi focuses tightly on faces. Read more here...

June Exhibitions Reviewed on The Washington Post:
“Marley Dawson”

The sensation may not be profound or exaulted, but sheer velocity does have an adrenaline-stoking appeal. Read more here...

May Exhibitions Reviewed on Washington City Paper:
“Lara Bandilla, Melanie Kehoss, and Millennium Arts Salon at Hillyer Art Space”

This month, Hillyer Art Space is shoehorning a trio of wildly divergent exhibits into its three galleries. Melanie Kehoss, a lecturer at Georgetown University, makes exquisitely delicate paper cuttings set on rice paper (top), often with a theme of celebration. Some of her brightly toned works are eccentric (a portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. set amid Chinese ornamentation, and four presidents wearing Mardi Gras-style masks) and others are sugary (romantic poetry paired with a variety of animals)... Read more here...

Narciso Maisterra
April Exhibitions Reviewed on The Washington Post:
“Fawna Xiao, Hsin-Hsi Chen offer interesting takes on contours”

Some abstract artists are unhappy to have their work likened to landscapes. Yet Fawna Xiao encourages the comparison, having dubbed her Hillyer Art Space show “Lost Land.” The D.C. artist’s silk-screened monoprints — one-of-a-kind editions — depict jagged, wedgelike cliffs, mesas and icebergs, as well as more vertical figures that might be sails or columns but are arranged like groves of trees. Read more here...

Life Drawing
Art21 Access 100 Artists Screenings
May 8, September 11, October 9 and November 13 | 7-9pm

Hillyer Art Space, in partnership with Art21 as part of its Access 100 Artists initiative, presents exclusive screenings of episodes from Art in the Twenty-First Century, the only prime time national television series focused exclusively on contemporary art, on April 10, May 8, September 11, October 9 and November 13, 2013. This event is free and open to the public.

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Life Drawing
Life Drawing
Every Tuesday 6-9pm

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